Can changing your hairstylist change your life?

The following story was written by Daniel Jankowski, Magdalena Petryniak’s MBA Student at Krakowska Szkoła Biznesu UEK. We are happy to publish it and inspire you to change the way you think about your life and also inspire you to use the Story Seekers ® model to promote your business and your services in a uniqe and compelling way. This story demonstrates that “People don’t buy what you do, they buy what you believe”

Let me introduce Amanda, a chestnut blonde with fair skin and blue eyes, a wife and a mom of two wonderful kids. Amanda lives with her family in the suburbs of Katowice, to be more precise in Swietochlowice but she prefers to say Katowice, because it sounds much better or at least more recognizable. Amanda works as a purchasing manager in a big corporation, where she and her work are respected and appreciated. The outside world would describe her life as a success story of a woman with a wonderful family and career.
The reality from her perspective looks a bit different, the great career requires sacrifices, daily routine consists of many hours at work makes her life miserable. At the end of the day when she is coming back home she still has to has energy for family’s typical issues. Some time ago she notices that the number of life activities pushes her to a situation where she is just a figure in her own schedule, without any time for herself. Taking care of her beauty or single life pleasures has been given up places to the priorities and duties. The beautiful, but fake, smile on her face disappear each evening and the all-day frustration connected with self-feeling that she is not so attractive any more doesn’t help to keep intimate relation with her husband. Somewhere deep in her soul, Amanda is feeling that her own approach can destroy her relationship or what even worst, maybe it is already happening?

One day, Amanda’s daily calendar has been interrupted, her 60 minutes appointment in hairdresser salon, where she was a regular client for many years, has been canceled. She assumed, that one hour is the maximum time that she could afford to spend doing “something” with her hair. She didn’t give up and immediately found another hairdresser who had time for her. That was a disaster, about one and a half-hour later she was sitting in a car, balling her eyes out with a wet, tangled, bleached-off disaster on top of her head. The bleaching was an entirely horrible idea and as the colorist washed her hair and attempted to comb through it, Amanda watched in terror as fists of hair quite literally fell off her head.
It might sound silly and there are certainly larger world issues than a bleached hair disaster, but at the time, nothing could have felt more traumatizing for Amanda. Her long hair were the only thing that she was still proud of and now her self-confidence hits rock bottom.

I will have to shave my head, she talk to herself under her breath.

While seating in a car and crying all the other appointments for that day have been not so important anymore for her – she canceled all of them and return home.

How I will show myself at work now? I canceled very important meetings today and the worst is that I can’t go to
work like that. What my boss will say? I look terrible and I feel humiliated, she thought.

Sitting alone at home, crying and despairing over her own life and that awful situation Amanda remembered the story of her friend:

Lucy! She had a similar issue one day and she had mentioned about some place, the angels who saved her life… I never thought about that but since that time she looks absolutely fabulous like from a Vogue cover, she thought. I need to call her and asked what her secret is… she said loudly to herself while taking phone.

Lucy’s story seemed to be very similar, she exactly understood Amanda’s case and helped her immediately to arrange the visit in MOCLE Hair Salon for the next day.
Hubert – the owner and hairdresser in MOCLE took care of Amanda’s hair. She was so desperate and without any hope but sitting in the hairdresser chair, she suddenly had felt heard and understood by Hubert and what’s oddly for her the kindness atmosphere in that gorgeous place and professional care she was receiving have caused something she almost naturally said to Hubert: Please, do with my hair what you think will be the best for me. I rely on you. That day was really very special, for the very first time since many years Amanda did something not for everyone else but just for herself. From professional Hubert’s hands, she received care and solicitude that she needed. Amanda has spent almost 4 hours on some magical treatments and wonderful conversation but for her, it was like minutes of joy and happiness. Then, on the end of the visit, slightly worried but curious she looked into the mirror turning her head to the right and to the left, she opened her mouth in amazement and said:

Oh my God, how did you do that? I look better now than before my marriage. You have changed the color of my hair to my natural blond and it perfectly match with a color of ayes and skin, they are so nourished and healthy I look fantastic. Thank you very much Hubert!

That day Amanda’s self-confidence reached the sky and when she comes back to work that day she realized that her absence on the meetings didn’t change anything. Her colleagues and boss have been more interested in how good she feels and how much positive energy and attitude that she brings. That amazing physical metamorphosis that she has just received in MOCLE was just a trigger point for Amanda’s live. How could I forget about myself? She asks herself looking into to mirror. That day she decided to finish work at regular hours and spend quality time with her husband but that a story for a different day…

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