Interview with Corinne Klajda, CEO of Accord Group ECE

Magdalena Petryniak, Story Seekers interviews Corinne Klajda from Accord Group about leadership and relationships in business.

Watch below or listen on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Watch Corinne Klajda Hero Story

Production:  Marcin Urban/MAI Collective


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Story Seekers Hero Stories is a series of interviews with business leaders led by Magdalena Petryniak, Story Seekers Poland Managing Partner. She is looking for leaders of the future skillset, being particularly interested in finding inclusive leaders, who build their organizational culture based on collaboration, empowerment, and inclusiveness. The interviews highlight leaders’ career path, turning points, failures, and lessons learned, their definition of leadership. These stories inspire others to thrive in a fast-changing business landscape.

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