Customer Hero Selling Workshop for Startups


Warsaw, 25-26th June 2018

Mastering sales skills to scale your business

Sales and presentation skills are the critical factor of your business success, no matter if you are at a seed stage or a long – performing organization. Organizations and startsups that bring to the market innovative, disruptive technologies face many communication challenges:

  • Do presentations rather than conversations – especially in complicated sales – the ability to run effective conversations with different decision makers, build trust and relationship is a game – changer.
  • Focus too much on their products’ specific bells and whistles, staying in „sell mode” for a technical audience
  • Underestimate the market need and customer usage – fail to explain how their customer is going to use the product and benefit from new capabilities, fail to create the story for what is possible

Elevator pitch is not enough to grow your business and acquire new customer

Level up and learn how to run effective sales conversations and build trust with your business partners and customers

Customer Hero Selling workshop for Startups helps you to master your and your team sales skills.

It is based on a proven international sales method created by Mike Bosworth, father of modern B2B consultative selling, who worked many IT companies like: Microsoft, Xerox, IBM, MITEL, EMC RSA.

Who is the workshop for?

  • Founders of ready-to-scale startups
  • Startups teams who run meetings with investors, customers and corporate executives
  • Corporate executives who are looking for and already work with startups to grow faster
  • People who sell disruptive innovations and highly technical products and services in B2B

Take part in our workshop and learn how to:

  • Build and tell your startup story in a compelling way
  • Connect and communicate with different decision makers in organizations·
  • Tell the future story of what’s possible for the customer
  • Change buzzwords and jargon into simple business language
  • Connect with people and build trust
  • Sell more and grow your business

„The more we attempt to persuade people, the more they tend to resist us. But the more we attempt to understand and create value for them, the more they tend to persuade themselves.”

– Ron Willingham


The workshop has 2 distinct parts and is carried out in the timeframe of 2 days.

The program covers

  • Sharing of neuroscience findings on human decision making
  • Basics of „Story Powered” Selling
  • Storytelling
  • Story Tending (Connected Listening)
  • Trust-based Conversation

25% – theory – 75% – practice

DAY 1: Storytelling – building the vision for what is possible

Every startup will build a profile of an ideal customer and a description of all „buying personas”, who take part in a decision making process.
Participants will learn how to build and tell different types of stories for „demo days” and sales meetings with different buying personas:

  • „Who we are and what got us here story”
  • „The business opportunity story”
  • „The future customer story”

Participants will gain the practice and theory necessary to tell the sales messaging stories authentically and passionately and will receive immediate reflection and feedback on their convictions and telling skills.


DAY 2: Story Tending – building connection and trust in sales conversation

Participants will be immersed in a connective listening model designed to help them learn to listen, tend and fully ‚get’ the stories of their customers and prospects and being able to reflect back and summarize.

Participants will practice a real-life sales meeting to initiate a buy cycle and create the ‚Buying Vision’ for what is possible.

The Format

  • This is a „Do to Learn” (experiential learning) workshop. The key to the workshop’s effectiveness is a tight coaching structure for each of the participant to intensively execute break-out exercises.
  • The ratio of coach to participants is not more than 1:4. That guarantees immediate coaching & feedback
  • Each participant will be coached to create and tell his story
  • A short and easy pre-assignment will help to maximize the time during the workshop
  • Peer cross learning (we stand for each other’s learning experience)
  • Walk out of the workshop with different types for stories

Course Outcomes

From your full participation, the following results are available to you

  • Confidence and ease in selling to C-level
  • Effective differentiation of your brand and offerings
  • Building connection and trust with „strangers” during events, „demo days”, industry meetings
  • Building bigger, better sales pipeline, faster

Proven method – Founder and Creator

Michael T. Bosworth

is the creator and bestselling author of two of the most widely adopted sales methodologies and books in the world Solution Selling and Customer Centric Selling (McGraw-Hill 1993, 2003) – which laid the ground work for a proven, credible, effective way of training the enterprise sales force in their customer’s usage of their offerings. His philosophy in sales is grounded in helping a customer to succeed by earning trust and the right to help solve their problems, and not taking shortcuts and manipulation. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, HP to name a few, have trained their sales force on these methodologies. In 2008, Mike began studying the power of story as a framework for building emotional connection and published book What Great Salespeople Do (McGraw Hill, 2012) The Science of Selling through Emotional Connection and the Power of Story, addressing the role of human emotions in buying decision-making.

The Customer Hero Selling experiential learning workshop facilitates the learning of a repeatable framework to apply the Power of Story and Connected Listening which participants can use in their customer facing Conversations to deliberately create the impact of trust and emotionally connect with those they need to influence and lead.

Master trainer in Poland

Magdalena Petryniak

– an affiliate of Mike Bosworth Leadership in Poland, global trainer in Story Seekers

She strongly believes that it is people that make the change happen and everything she does is to empower them, so they can make the transformation in a professional way.

As the CEO of Story Seekers Poland she brings a fresh view and tools to teach people emotional connection in sales and leadership using the power of story and empathetic listening. She has used this method to run projects and workshops for companies in many countries in the USA, Asia and Europe from different sectors i.e. new technologies, cyber security, industry, professional services, banks, energy, NGOs. She is also actively involved in social projects, bringing the professional touch and skills to the non-profit sector (Fundacja Bezpieczeństwa Informacji, Stowarzyszenie Kilimandżaro, Stowarzyszenie MANKO).

Her company Grupa SAPR implemented over 50 marketing and PR campaigns for companies and institutions. Her best-known project launched a lobbying campaign, that resulted in a smoke free law in Poland – a change that all of us can now enjoy. Working for the Harvard Business Review Polska she co-created and hosted over 30 conferences with international experts. She has graduated from the University of Economics in Kraków, Kraków School of Business, the Leadership Programme at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in USA and the Academy of Innovations of ICAN Institute.



25-26th June 2018

The Heart, Pl. Europejski 1, Warsaw, Poland

2975 PLN net (3659,25 incl. TAX)




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